Who We Are

Future Africa Foundation is a non-profit organization created on the belief that the future economic success, social development, and political growth of Africa depends on the collective acumen and direct participation of the next generation of African economic, political, social, and business leaders. These new generation leaders possess global and continental experience in solving Africa’s great challenges.

The Foundation serves as the corner stone that brings together these thinkers and doers for practical and feasible solutions to the economic, social, business, and political challenges facing Africa. We believe in the modernization of the economic development systems, social growth process, and positive political changes on the African continent. As this is essential to improving the lives of all Africans. The Foundation supports the collective success and betterment of all nations in the African.

Our Mission

Future Africa Foundation finds efficient, cost effective, proven, solutions to Africa’s pressing issues. Our core foci areas are as follows: creating quality education and youth employment; developing tourism to create jobs and increase the tax base; developing social infrastructures; implementing guidelines for eradication of poverty and hygienic health problems; establishing checks and balances for governance; and accountability, and; eliminating mismanagement.

We will foster the creation of successful policies and help sustain the solutions we implement; to accomplish progressive growth and infrastructure development.

The overlapping purpose of Future Africa Foundation is to work on solutions to specific issues in each partner’s governing country. We will serve as an outsourcing policy underwriter for each nation and it’s governing body to access global experienced consultants to governance problems.

Future Africa is a Foundation solely created as a collective resource for bringing together the foremost experts in every field; to collaborate in finding the most cost effective and efficient policies and solutions necessary for growth, development and technological modernization of Africa into the 21st century and beyond.

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