The integration and cooperation of African countries moving forward with sustainable political systems, promotion of economic transformation, social reformation and regional development.

This document presents the blueprint for the African collaboration development projection for the year 2050. It provides the platform for smart political innovations to ensure peaceful democratic transition, accountable governance and economic empowerment through global investment initiatives, entrepreneurship and the development of social infrastructures for the welfare of Africans and the developing world at large. The successful application of social imitative and implementation of micro economic projects in one African country; would be replicated across the entire region.

Future Africa | Empowering Africa

Mission statement

The use of global intellectual property and advanced technology to sustain the political, economic, and social systems within Africa through global integration and local community collaboration.

I. Political Structure

a. Advance true democracy in all African countries.

b. Using advanced technology to monitor elections in Africa.

c. Develop E-government and E-participation platform for all African in Diaspora.

d. Build systems to fight all forms of corruption in African governance.

e. Sustain visionary leadership concepts in the African continent

f. Promote all inclusive, non-biased national dependable governments.

g. Create effective systems to hold all sector leaders accountable and credible.

h. Ensure political stability and trustworthy judicial systems across the region.

i. Protect freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and individual civil rights.

j. Create a sense of national security and to promote citizenship pride.

II. Economic Prosperity

a. Promoting agro based industries.

b. Developing oil and mining industries.

c. Construction of reliable socio-economic infrastructures.

d. Promotion of science and modern technological industries.

e. Promotion of effective agricultural developments.

f. Application of micro finance initiatives.

g. Efficient oceans and fisheries business ventures

h. Development of solar, wind, green and hydro power to enable efficient energy independence across the region.

i. Development of sustainable tourism, promotion of regional and international trade

j. Promotion of health and modern medical research.

k. Promotion of international and national investments in business growth and community development projects.

l. Efficient waste management, recycling, reuses, and implementation of green initiatives.

n. Training in hospitality services and new technologies to create a reliable work force and drastically reduce youth unemployment across the region.

o. Effective production; preservation of food, efficient conservation of water sources for farming and to provide healthy drinking water.

q. Educational research and global collaborations.

r. Global consulting and intellectual properties to promote knowledge share of new and

improved industry-leading initiatives in solving pressing socioeconomic issues facing

developing nations.

III. Social and Cultural Advancement

a. women empowerment and equal opportunity for all.

b. Education for all.

c. Art, music, and culture.

d. Reduce infant mortality rate.

e. Promote rich African cultural heritage through cultural tourism.

f. Prevention of infectious diseases and epidemic control.

g. Social infrastructure development.

h. Rural development.

i. Poverty eradication.

j. Science and Technology.

k. Social welfare reforms.

l. Child abuse and child labor

m. Solutions for Regional Refugee Crises.

n. Hunger Eradication (malnutrition).

o. Monitoring and regulation of accountable and viable non-profit organizations.

p. Coordinate with world organizations for effective and efficient initiative implementation and project development.

q. Regional and international collaboration with the league of global philanthropists to support and assist in the growth, development and revitalization of African countries.


The time to take action is now to move forward to realize the dream of Africa. The future of Africa as a new democratic world with prosperity for all depends on you to take action with Future Africa Foundation for the African Vision 2050.

All individuals and organizations interested in the growth, the development, and the economic advancement of a modern democratic Africa, need to pick an area of interest and expertise to send in proposals for viable projects and initiatives to meet the Future Africa Foundation’s proposed “African Vision 2050”.

Future Africa Foundation panel of experts will review all proposals and then provide the needed global resources to make the projects viable. Please submit your proposals with your name, and email to or call us for more information.

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