Future Africa Intellectual MemberJacob Osei Yeboah is multi-talented with creative solutions to challenges. He is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Philanthropist, Social Thinker and a transformational leader.

Jacob has had 20 years experience for introducing new technologies that creatively improves systems in terms of Energy Conservation, ICT, Database, Process Control and Instrumentation, especially within the Mining Industry in West Africa.

His project research in 1994, on energy conservation in halls of residence at KNUST led to the recommendation of how energy could be saved in Ghana if Compact Florescence were to replace Incandescent bulbs. The government of Ghana in 2007 undertook this project and save about 124MW of power nationwide.

Jacob recently led a team of Engineers from America and Ghana in 2014, through concept to develop Synchronised Energy Conservation device for Fridges/Freezers, VITASAFE, with smart grid technology options for countries in Africa. VITASAFE can also protect electrical appliances and reduce electricity bills of consumers without any form of inconvenience.

Mr. Yeboah being passionate about how Africa countries could be transformed into a modern state partnered in 2014 with a Germany Company, HSH Soft-und Hardware Vertriebs Gmbh, to develop, AFRIDAB, a bio-identity database for Africa. The Database software can track the life cycle of persons and businesses for scientific socioeconomic development of Africa countries.

Jacob also partnered with Fokus Franhofer, a technology research institute in Germany, to improve the use of ICT in rural communities in Africa. Fokus has developed the WIBACK solution which is the latest economically affordable and technologically self-maintainable rural telephony and data connectivity for towns and rural Africa. The WIBACK technology is to bridge the Rural-Urban Digital Gap.

He is also the founder and W/Africa Director of Vitalsource Limited (VSL), a procurement and Logistics company set up in 2006 that provides consulting services for engineering, oil contamination and filtration, logistics and supply chain management for companies in the mining and oil sectors in W/Africa. VSL in partnership with Bottcher Hydraulics GmbH, a Germany company, design tailored hydraulic systems, consulting and training for mining companies in Africa.

Jacob has broad expertise in logistics and supply chain management in W/Africa mining industry, having worked for over four years as the W/Africa Manager for Sherwood International (2000-2006), a division of the Super Group Company of South Africa. He also worked for Ashanti Goldfields Company (AGC) over a period of Seven years as Director and leader of Senior Staff of the Obuasi Mine Divisional Board barely a year after his national service in 1996. His periods saw a review of the company’s operations that led to a very

significant transformation and cost reduction from USD320-78/ounce (Jan 2001-June 2002). He was also the Special Projects Coordinator, having practiced as Instrumentation Superintendent of the Processing Plant.

Jacob had his high school education at Opoku Ware School in Kumasi. He was known for his versatility in athletics and sportsmanship; he was a javelin thrower; a triple jumper and a regular player for the school’s hockey team.

He proceeded to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology (KNUST) where, he graduated four years later with honors in BSc Electric/Electronic Engineering. In his Hall, Katanga, Jacob’s outstanding contribution to JCR meetings earned him respect. Fellow students regarded him as an astute, discerning Christian leader. He also holds an MBA from Warwick University, UK with a Masters in Global Supply Chain Management from Mannheim University, Germany.

Jacob is a transformational leader and a pioneer. He believes Africa’s potential can be unlocked for the rest of the world through technology with leadership and character. He has a record of almost always being the first youngest to occupy several leadership positions wherever he finds himself. His leadership acumen is demonstrated by deep insights and a consciousness with which he effectively utilizes and optimizes available resources. He has lots of business traveling experiences around the globe and, therefore, appreciates the importance and contextual contribution of various cultures toward national development.

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