Reducing Energy Cost

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Our objectives

  • Assist the governments in their daily task by providing available power to all businesses (all economic- sectors) and domestic users without building any single power plant.
  • Assist telecommunications’ operators to widen/ expand their network to remote areas without mounting any single tower.


Our visions

  • Make energy highly affordable at a competitive price throughout the african continent particularly in ECOWAS sub region (our SmarteQ products)
  • Provide a reliable networks through the sub region by the use of our smart devices (Our WiBack solution).


Nos objectifs

  • Assister les gouvernements dans leur quotidienne tâche en fournissant de l’énergie électrique à tous les secteurs économiques et utilisateurs domestiques sans avoir à construire aucune centrale électrique.
  • Assister les opérateurs des télécommunications à élargir / étendre leur réseau vers les milieux désenclavés sans avoir à élever une seule pilonne.

Nos visions

  • Rendre l’énergie électrique très abordable à un prix défiant toute concurrence à travers le continent africain, particulièrement dans la sous-région de la CEDEAO (nos produits SmarteQ ).
  • Disposer d’un réseau sans intermittence à travers la sous-région par l’usage de nos unités des technologies de l’heure (la solution WiBack ).

VitaSafe SmarTecQ Device: Business Proposal For Africa Governments

Power Generation and its efficient utilization for both industries and individual homes has been a great concern for most energy experts and institutions in Africa.

The quest for power availability has been the prime goal for most African governments where the rapid infrastructural developments call for power availability pressure from citizens to their governments. Governments on the other hand, had to make power availability also affordable for most consumers who do not have enough to pay for the total cost of power consumed.

The cost of setting up power generation plant, the cost of maintenance and efficient utilization call for innovative ways for both governments and citizens adopting technologies that can help achieve respective interests for both political and economic stability.

Consumers on the African continent have become increasingly sensitive also to the quality of power distribution in terms of power fluctuations to pieces of equipment. Power fluctuations are a huge cost of foreign currency demand for most countries in terms of cost of replacement and productivity.

An innovative way for conserving power generation as well as protecting equipment for consumers is the VITASAFE solution for home appliances in general but for Fridges/ Freezers in particular.

Most Fridges/Freezers have on the average 150Watts power capacity, although, the range could be between 100W-300W. Thus two million Fridges/Freezers in a country at peak periods can easily make available 300MW of energy for industries.

The cost benefit for countries to generate additional power to meet peak demands cannot be over emphasized. VITASAFE has been the innovation for most governments to indirectly generate 500MW into their grid distribution system without building a power plant.



Business Proposal and Partnership with Africa Governments

The cost of building 200MW gas fired plant ranges from USD300M-600M across projects on the Africa continent. The average cost is therefore USD450M with an average duration for project commissioning of three (3) years. This excludes the cost of maintenance on operation.




Governments can conserve 200MW of power with 1M VitaSafe SmarTecQ Grid devices as and when a national policy dictates a legal framework for SmarTecQ01 or SmarTecQ K4. The SmarTecQ K4, allows utility/ distribution companies to firstly shutdown Fridges/Freezers before shedding loads on grid system.


The production of minimum of one (1m) million pieces of VitaSafe takes on average 3-4months on a highly competitive cost as compare to the cost of building 200MW power plant.





Decision by governments could vary from free distribution to consumers to highly (50%) subsidized for consumers. This is dependent on the socio-political decision prevailing in a country based on the economic circumstances.

Consumers generally are willing to buy due to about 30-50% reduction in the monthly energy cost per household. Governments are advice to rather subsidized for consumers or payment made by installment up to 6 months per quantity of pieces per power-meter for household or offices.




As per policy and guarantee of quality of product, Vitalsource Ltd believes in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with governments. Vitalsource will deal with Governments’ recommended Private Partner (GRPP) for each country through governments’ Energy Ministries/Institutions.


The recommendation is done through formal letter from such Ministries to Vitalsource when such Private partners meet the basic requirement.




Depending on the population and distribution network, the business of VitaSafe in terms of marketing and after sales service can create jobs between 900 persons per million pieces.


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