Prince Duke
HRH. Prince Duke Kesse-Adu-Gyamfi IV. Honorable veteran of the United States Navy, experienced in international public relations, tourism and hospitality management. Summa Cum laude, graduate of Virginia State University, with a BA in public administration and political science. Attended Thomas M Cooley Law School, specializing in corporate law. Certified hospitality management by Hilton Hotels Worldwide. Certified hotel general manager by Wyndham Hotels Worldwide. Certified tourism ambassador by Richmond Region Tourism.
Prince is the Executive Chairman, Founder & President of Global Investment Management Group LLC. A venture capital, property management and business development firm, in Virginia. Also President of the following businesses: Imani Hair Design, Imani Advanced Academy, Royal Barber Design and Royal Tourism Travel & Hospitality Management.
A passionate tourism expert, social entrepreneur, hotelier and business investor. A dynamic; performance-driven; results oriented professional with over 25 years experience in tourism, hospitality, travel, investment & business management. Dedicated and focused on delivering exceptional tourism development, business performance and top revenues for investors. Committed personality, posses strong operations and management skills and is highly successful in leading tourism, hospitality and businesses in competitive markets to gain greater market share, while increasing revenues.
Skilled at developing effective international tourism networks, expanding business and gaining client loyalty. Prioritize efforts to improve tourism, hospitality and business performance, while reducing cost of operations. Expert in sustainable historic and cultural tourism, travel and hospitality development strategies to create good jobs and, increase revenues. Consistently delivers exceptional value, profitability and improves overall performance of international investments projects.
Prince is the Founder of the (HRH). Prince Duke IV Blog and Global Visible Positive Change Community Organization. Also, the President of Free Ghana Now NGO and Contributing Board Member of Future Leaders of Africa Foundation. A honoree distinct member of the international political science society. An avid global community activist; advocating for finding effective solutions to the development and growth issues in Africa. Advocates for good governance and visible positive change in local and national politics.
As a positive thought leader and community motivational speaker; he’s passionate about positive changes in sustainable growth & development through out Africa. Continually promotes the efficient modernization of visible implementation process of international aid to Africa, that relates to tourism, business, education, health, youth mentoring, employment and socio-economic infrastructures. He advocates for effective responsive political representation, eradication of poverty and famine in society and prevention of corruption in governance, especially in Ghana and the entire Continent of Africa.

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